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Poll shows growing support for same-sex marriage

The poll found that a majority of voters across a range of demographics and in almost every age group backed marriage reform. A majority of respondents in each Australian state said they wanted to

Australia Makes Same-Sex Marriage Legal - The New York Times

Thousands rally in support of Australia gay marriage as polls narrow. AFP 10 Sep 2017. Sydney (AFP) – Thousands of Australians dressed in rainbow colours rallied Sunday in support of same-sex marriage ahead of a postal ballot, as polls showed the “yes” campaign’s lead shrinking despite backing from the nation’s top political leaders.

Full results of Australias vote for same-sex marriage gay marriage polls australia

Support for gay marriage reaches all-time high, survey finds Seventy percent of Americans now support the right of same-sex couples to wed, according to a poll conducted by the Public Religion

Australia’s Parliament Rejects Public Vote on Gay Marriage

Recent polls have regularly shown a majority of people media caption Australian gay couple use marriage government MPs will be allowed a free vote to amend Australias Marriage Act.

Thousands rally in support of Australia gay marriage as

Despite the grandstanding, the Greens attempt to demonstrate that there is majority support for gay marriage in the suburbs and regional Australia has failed, in fact backfired.

Polls no indicator for same-sex marriage attitudes - ABC

Support for recognizing gay marriages has grown since the courts decision brought the issue to a close. Future Gallup measures will determine if the current two-thirds of Americans who support same-sex marriage is the ceiling, or if there is further growth in the coming decades. Learn more about how the Gallup Poll Social Series works.