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History of Sex Education in Australia: Let’s Get With The

At Sex Education Australia we believe that knowledge empowers all to make the best decisions, and being informed leads to better health and safety. SEA is pro young people. We believe young people make good decisions and responsible choices when given the opportunity to learn about and discuss accurate and current information regarding their sexual, emotional and social health and wellbeing.

About sexuality education

sex education western australia
Sex education should be compulsory Youth Affairs Council of WA executive officer Craig Comrie said the quality of sex education varied significantly in Western Australia. In WA, it is not currently compulsory for schools to teach the national curriculum, which includes …

Call for more comprehensive sex education in Australian

sex education western australia
Sex Education Australia’s health and human development programs offer students an opportunity to gain accurate and age-appropriate information that is delivered in a relaxed and non-judgemental way. SEA is not affiliated with any religious organisations or lobby groups and acknowledges, and is sensitive to, the wide-ranging values and beliefs that

Perth teacher and doctor team up to teach sex education

WA News News Australia A SEX education book to be released by the Health Department tomorrow urges parents to begin sending healthy messages about sexuality from birth. It also advises parents to normalise the issue of same-sex couples and explain that masturbating is a normal but private activity.

Rehabilitation programs - Department of Justice, Western

sex education western australia
Western Australian and Australian statistics; references to services and reliable websites and books. Talk Soon Talk Often. A guide for parents talking to their kids about sex (PDF 5MB) A Top tips sheet (A4 flyer) outlining the top 20 tips for talking and the 10 reasons why it is important to talk soon and talk often is also available.

Early sex education healthy | PerthNow

sex education western australia
In Western Australia, people under 16 years old cannot legally consent to having sex, even if they said yes at the time. The age of consent is 18 years old if there is a special relationship between them, where one person is in a position of power or authority over the other person.

Talk soon. Talk often. A guide for parents talking to

sex education western australia
Safe sex includes using a condom or dental dam to ensure that you do not pass an infection on to your partner. The best way of protecting yourself against STIs is to have fewer sexual partners. A dental dam, which is a thin piece of latex, can also be used during oral sex

WA teachers need better sex education training, Curtin

sex education western australia
The bulk of sex education then happens between years 7 and 10. In Victoria, Respectful Relationships education (more on that later) is mandated through to year 12, while in NSW senior students must complete a new, 25-hour Life Ready course, which covers sexuality and sexual health, drugs and alcohol, respectful relationships and mental health.

Sex and consent | Legal Aid WA

sex education western australia
The Guidelines for Supporting Sexual and Gender Diversity in Schools were released by the Equal Opportunity Commission Western Australia in 2014 to assist schools, in both public and private education sectors, to effectively address bullying specific to sexuality and gender diversity.

Western Australian agencies, programs and links for

Sexual education has existed in Australian schools for over a century, yet the curriculum has only explored the basics of human reproduction. Additionally, I believe content such as sex for pleasure and masturbation has been wrongly taught as evidence of moral …