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Same-sex marriage vote results Australia: Country reacts same sex marriage australia vote results AUSTRALIANS have voted Yes to same-sex marriage with Malcolm Turnbull declaring it should be a reality by the end of the year. An overwhelming 61.6 per cent of eligible Aussies — or more than seven million people — have voted Yes in the postal survey.
Same-sex marriage vote results Australia: state and Summary. Australia has voted yes to same-sex marriage; 61.6 per cent of people voted yes and 38.4 per cent of people voted no; Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has called on politicians to
Full results of Australias vote for same-sex marriage AUSTRALIANS have voted YES to same-sex marriage with over 4 million NSW residents taking part in the historic postal vote. The final number nationally saw 61.6 per cent of nearly 12 million voters supporting marriage equality. In NSW, just over 4 million people voted with 57.8 per cent of resident voting yes compared to 42.2 per cent who voted no.
Same-sex marriage result: Australia votes yes 10am: Yes to same-sex marriage. Same-sex marriage will be legalised in Australia after 61.6 per cent of voters ticked Yes in the postal survey.
Same sex marriage: What the vote meant for Australia How your state and seat voted VICTORIA is the state most supportive of same-sex marriage, the postal survey results show. Almost 65 per cent of Victorians voted yes, while New South Wales recorded the lowest support with a yes vote of 57.8 per cent. Among all states and territories, the ACT had the strongest yes vote of 74 per cent.
Same-sex marriage vote results in Australia: Next steps Same-sex marriage result: Australia votes yes Join us for our live coverage of the same-sex marriage postal survey verdict. By Stephanie Peatling. Updated November 15, 2017 — 5.34pm first
Same-sex marriage results crush the idea that Australian Yes votes reached up to 83.7 per cent in the inner-city electorates of Melbourne and Sydney. The No vote was at its highest in Blaxland where 73.9% of voters were against same-sex marriage. It was the only electorate to record a 70% No vote, compared to 28 electorates to reach 70% for Yes. Survey results by electorate
Videos of Same Sex marriage Australia vote Results 61.6% of Australians voted yes for same sex marriage, with with the no vote receiving 38.4%. The survey received a response rate of 79.5%. Supporters have taken to social media to share their joy at the results.
Australia same sex marriage survey results same sex marriage australia vote results Australians have overwhelmingly voted “yes” for same-sex marriage. This means politicians will have to give up relying on the myth that a cultural backlash against the progressive agenda is driving