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RACGP - Vaccination and the law

International studies have found that whooping cough vaccination during pregnancy is safe and effective for both the mother and baby. Vaccination is best given at 20-32 weeks to provide time for antibodies to be produced and passed on to the baby to provide protection until it is able to have its own vaccinations from 6 weeks of age.

What are immunisation requirements - Services Australia

If a migrant, refugee or person seeking asylum has no valid documentation of vaccination, they should start a catch-up schedule. See Catch-up vaccination and the fact sheet Free catch-up vaccines for refugees and humanitarian entrants aged 20 years and over.. Adult migrants, refugees and people seeking asylum may need vaccination, especially with MMR (measles-mumps-rubella) vaccine.

‘No Jab No Pay’ and other immunisation measures

What you need to do. To meet the requirements, all of your children younger than 20 need to do one of the following: meet the Childhood schedule on the Department of Health’s National Immunisation Program Schedule; be on a suitable catch up schedule in line with the Department of Health’s current Australian Immunisation Handbook; have an approved medical exemption recorded on the

Australias coronavirus pandemic plan: mass vaccinations

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Vaccination for migrants, refugees and people seeking

Assessing mandatory HPV vaccination: Who should call the shots? J Law Med Ethics 2008;36:384–95. Regan DG, Philp DJ, Hocking JS, et al. Modeling the population-level impact of vaccination on the transmission of human papillomavirus type 16 in Australia.

Should vaccinations be compulsory? - BBC News

mandatory adult vaccinations australia
A Western Australia survey of families with children who had no vaccinations recorded on the ACIR found that the most common reason was that the families had moved from overseas and their children’s vaccination records had not been added to the national register (though only a small number of these children would have been considered fully